Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Frugalista

I got a request from my dear friend Katie to swatch this polish, so here ya go ;-) You'll wanna click on these pics to enlarge so that you can get the full effect.

Resuce Beauty Lounge Frugalista

Can you say SPARKLY?? Wow, this polish really packs on the glitter. Frugalista is a clear jelly polish with TONS of glitter in it. The glitter in this one is silver and purple. It is super pretty and glittery! This is three coats here, plus a top coat, to keep my nails from feeling "rough" from all the glitter.

The only reason I don't wear full-on glitter polishes a lot more is because they are a bitch to remove. I practically have to break out the sandblaster to get all the polish off. Actually, all kidding aside, I soak my finger in pure acetone first to loosen up the polish, then I use a metal cuticle pusher to scrape the polish off. I'm sure it takes a real toll on my nails, which is why I try not to do it often! If anyone can think of a better and safer method, please let me know, 'cause I'm all ears!

Frugalista is available directly from the Rescue Beauty Lounge website at I've also purchased them from because they occasionally have promotions. They retail for $18, which is pricey for a nail polish, but just look at all those pretty sparklies :-)


simone said...

Pretty nailpolish colors, another reason I miss Copley! Besides the people of course ;-)

Katie said...

wow too pretty! I'm going to come steal this from you one day haha