Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nubar Conserve

When I first saw Nubar's "Going Green" collection, I knew I had to have it! Green is one of my favorite colors, and it is probably my favorite nail polish color. The collection features six different shades of green polish. I am slowly working my way through the collection.

Nubar Conserve

Conserve is a gorgeous medium green with a hint of sparkle in it. This was my first experience with Nubar -- I usually stick with OPI and China Glaze, but every once in a while, another brand will work its way into my collection. Application was fairly easy. This swatch here is two coats (plus base and top), and it wore pretty well. It was about 3 days before I took it off, and there was minimal tip wear and no chipping. The brush handle is very lightweight, and that helped with application.

You can pick up the "Going Green" collection (and the rest of Nubar's collection) on their website at www.bynubar.com.

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