Monday, July 06, 2009

Del Sol Heartbreaker

After a month of rain, we finally got some good weather over the holiday weekend. I figured it was the perfect time to break out my Del Sol nail polish!! Del Sol is pretty cool in that the polish changes colors! It is one color indoors and another color outdoors. A few months ago, they had a sale and I picked up 5 polishes, but it has been so dark and dreary that I haven't been able to wear any of them yet.

The polish changes color when it comes in contact with UV rays. So, supposedly, it doesn't have to be sunny in order for the color to change, since UV exposure is still possible on cloudy days. However, I have only experienced the color change in direct sunlight. The color change is quick too -- it only took a few seconds for the color to change from red to purple. Now, onto the pics!

Del Sol Heartbreaker (indoors)

Del Sol Heartbreaker (outdoors)

Indoors, the color is a medium-to-dark red and outdoors, it turns into a deep purple. The polish is a lighter jelly with specs of multi-color glitter in there. I put on two coats (plus a top coat, so yes, you can wear a top coat with these), but I think three coats would have made the polish look a little better. The application was OK, but not great. The color change is noticeable, but it is not drastic. The other polishes I have are much more drastic IMO (will swatch those at a later date, hopefully, assuming Mother Nature cooperates).

Del Sol is available through their website, The polishes retail for $10/each. But, keep on watching the site for sales, because they do have them often. I got mine for $5/each during their 50% off sale.

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