Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Favorite Things: Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

Before I discovered this cult fave, I thought mascara had to cost over $20 in order to be good. Well, that certainly isn't the case anymore!

Lash Blast has turned into my everyday mascara. I have short, stick-straight Asian eyelashes. With the help of my Shu Uemura eyelash curler, I am able to get them to curl up and look a tad longer, but I was never able to find a mascara to really thicken and lengthen my eyelashes without clumping or the dreaded Tammy-Faye look. Enter Cover Girl Lash Blast!!

I only use waterproof mascara for several reasons -- the first is that it dries FAST. If a mascara takes too long to dry, what happens is that my lashes start to uncurl and they start falling down :-( The only way for me to maintain the curl I get from my lash curler is to put on several thin coats, and as quickly as possible. The Lash Blast wand is thick, so in two or three swipes, I am able to cover my lashes with mascara. Within 10 seconds, my lashes are already dry to the touch, and none of the curl has gone away. WIN WIN! Also, I don't get clumping and most days, I don't even need to use a lash comb afterward. The waterproof formula is top notch -- I love it! Removal is easy as well. I saturate a cotton ball with some eye makeup remover (Neutrogena's is my remover of choice), hold it over my eye, and then swipe. With a few swipes, the mascara will come off pretty easily. I then follow up with Paula's Choice cleanser, which removes the remaining traces of eye makeup.

In addition to waterproof, Lash Blast comes in a non-waterproof version as well as a new "luxe" version. The Luxe one is red instead of orange. The mascara has a shimmer to it when you apply it. I've bought the Luxe and I've used it, but I'm not a fan. It doesn't come in a waterproof version yet, which is a huge disappointment. Also, my eyelashes are black, so the shimmer is not noticeable at all. I think it would look a lot better on someone with lighter hair. In the meantime, I will stick with my orange Lash Blast, thankyouverymuch!

I usually pick up Lash Blast at Ulta or CVS, but I've also seen it at Target, supermarkets, etc. It retails for around $8, but I always wait for some kind of promotion and stock up. Last week, Ulta had a BOGO free deal, so I bought two tubes. CVS also has promotions quite often. I must have at least 4-5 unopened tubes at my house right now... haha.

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