Monday, November 16, 2009

Zoya Rea

This is probably the first Zoya polish I've tried that wore really well! Yay for Zoya! (finally!)

Zoya Rea

Rea is a super pretty lavender polish with bits of silver and purple microglitter. It is almost like a mauve-lavender color. Unlike some of the other Zoyas I've tried so far, this one was easy to apply, only took two coats, and I didn't have any pull-back after I put on a topcoat. Also, wear was very good -- lasted two full days before I got any tipwear. This one makes me hopeful that the other Zoyas I have in my stash will be as good as Rea! Every time Zoya has some kind of promotion, I try to pick up some polishes. I also recently discovered that a local Cost Cutters has them in stock and sells them for $6 instead of $7. They also have a clearance table where the Zoyas are only $3! Boo-yah!! So, there will be lots more Zoyas coming up in the near future :-)


gildedangel said...

That is a lovely color on you!

Lucy said...

That's a really pretty shade. Looks like a foil on you. Very pretty.