Monday, November 30, 2009

My Favorite Things: LUSH Lemony Flutter

I know many people are probably already familiar with this product -- it is a staple in pretty much any nail fanatic's arsenal. It is Lemony Flutter from LUSH:

Lemony Flutter is marketed as a cuticle cream, but honestly, it can be used as a regular hand/elbow cream as well. It has a nice, thick consistency and a delicious lemon smell that I love. Some people aren't too crazy about it, but it smells delish to me, and I am kinda tempted to eat it sometimes ;-)

I love this stuff so much that I have two tubs of it - one at home and one in my office. When you initially apply it, you have to rub it in pretty well. It stays greasy for a few minutes, but then it absorbs nicely into your skin and leaves your cuticles soft and manageable. It is a tad pricey at almost $14 a tub, but given the size of the tub (1.5 ounces), and the small amount used each time, I am expecting each tub to last me one, if not several, years.

The other thing I love about LUSH is how socially responsible they are. All of their products are handmade, and there is a sticker on the bottom of each product to tell you who made it, and on what date. Also, they don't do animal testing! Score another one for LUSH and their great products!


Danica said...

Good to know. I've seen pictures of this, but never bothered to read about it. I've been looking for a cuticle cream.

Lucy said...

I've never used any Lush product. This does sound nice.