Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Coach Poppy Red Patent Book Tote

So... a few weeks ago, I was totally jonesing for this Coach bag here. Unfortunately, I didn't end up buying it, and it sold out really fast :-( However, not to fear, because my obsession with handbags, Coach, and the color red are all alive and well and last week, I came home with this baby here:

Coach Poppy Red Patent Book Tote

(I got the red, but here's a side view in black)

Umm... can you say love at first sight??? It has all the requirements that I'm essentially looking for in a bag. Plus, as much as I love sequins everywhere, it makes it a tad difficult for me to carry a sequined bag for everyday use, so this is perfect. In addition to the to-die-for color, it is also SUPER roomy on the inside -- it has TWO zipper pockets, and THREE slit pockets!! Also, the exterior has two side pockets and one zip pocket.

And, if that wasn't enough, the double straps are long enough to wear over my shoulder. But, if I get lazy and decide I want to wear it as a messenger too, I can do that:

Plus, the long strap is removable, so if I ever decide I don't like the way it looks, I can just as easily take it off. The thing that really won me over though, is the patent leather. I am a huuuuuge patent leather fan. I know lots of people aren't too keen on it, but I always think, the shinier and slicker, the better! Plus, I live in the Northeast, which has quite possibly the most unpredictable weather in the world. This morning, it was raining cats and dogs... and right now, it is bright and sunny outside. It would kinda suck for me to get caught in a monsoon with a sequined bag. However, with patent leather, I could really care less because I won't run home and immediately start bawling because I think I've ruined my bag. Total win-win for me!!

I've been using my new tote for over a week now, and I love it. I am adding this one to the permanent handbag rotation :-)

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Lucy said...

Love this bag. I like all the pockets! I also love patent and red. Beautiful bag.