Friday, October 16, 2009

China Glaze Unplugged

I feel like crap -- starting to come down with a cold :-( I think it's a combination of work/life stress and the shitty weather here. We got SNOW in New England today. Yes, snow. Every year, I try not to turn on my heat until November 1st (one year, I got lucky and didn't have to turn it on until around Thanksgiving). Last night, I got home and my house was 59 degrees, so I caved and turned the heat on. I couldn't believe this morning when I went outside and the leaves had a layer of snow on them!! Argh, I guess winter came early and is here to stay :-(

China Glaze Unplugged

This polish went on surprisingly sheer for a dark color, so I'm wearing three coats. Unplugged is a brown shimmer with hints of wine/mahogany in it. I kinda smudged my index finger as the top coat was drying, so just ignore that :-P I've seen Unplugged available in different China Glaze collections, but I got mine from the eCollection (I think that's what it's called anyway!). It is a pretty color, but there is really nothing about it that makes me think it stands out from the other browns I've tried and love.


Velvet said...

That's awful,snow already! I did see that on the weather though. Yuck! Anyway...that's a lovely brown on you. I'll have to check that polish out.

Lucy said...

Gorgeous color on you. I had to have this one. It's so pretty. I guess your loaded with snow by now. I don't want any snow!