Tuesday, October 27, 2009

China Glaze Spellbound

Day 2 of Halloween nails! Today, I have yesterday's color, China Glaze's Free Love, topped with China Glaze's Spellbound -- a specialty Halloween glitter topcoat!

China Glaze Free Love + China Glaze Spellbound

Spellbound is a clear polish with medium-sized orange and silver glitter in it. I probably should not have worn it over an orange polish, because it makes the orange glitter very hard to see, but I couldn't resist blinging out my orange polish. I'm only wearing one coat here, and as you can see, it gives pretty good coverage with just one coat. I really didn't want to use more than one coat, because removing it was a huuuuuuge PITA. I will probably be re-using this polish again this week, but with a different color as the base so that you can see both glitter colors :-)


kelliegonzo said...

this is awesome!! i'm so jealous, our sally beauty stores never got spellbound in stock! and i live within close distance of 5 of them. great manicure!

Lucy said...

I love that combination. On Halloween I just couldn't find the right combination. I just wore black on one hand and orange glitter on the other. Shame I didn't read your blog ahead of time. Looks fantastic on you.