Monday, October 12, 2009

China Glaze Drive In

This is another polish from China Glaze's Retro Diva Collection. This is the first and only collection that I have ever purchased in full, and even though it has taken me nearly a full season, I have almost worn them all! lol

China Glaze Drive In

I would best describe this as an orange/red shimmer. When I was drinking a Coke one day, I noticed that my nails were the exact same color as the Coke can, which is pretty cool, because I am pretty much completely addicted to the stuff (the drink, not the drug!). I'm wearing two coats here, which provides enough coverage, but again, a third coat would have helped smooth it a bit more and cover some of the bald spots. I like this color, but not as much as some of the others that were in this collection (so far, Stroll and Far Out have been my favorites).

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Lucy said...

That is gorgeous on you. I love this polish. I believe I own this one. I haven't worn it yet.