Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OPI Never Lon-done Shopping

I really wish I could have taken better pics of this polish, because it really is a beauty, and my pics do not do it any justice!

OPI Never Lon-done Shopping

The color is actually a lot more pink in person. It is a red/pink shimmer metallic! And, outdoors, it is super incredibly shiny with an almost-chrome finish. I am wearing two coats here, with Seche Vite top coat, which really made it shine that much more! The reason I am holding a bottle of Diamont instead of the polish itself is because I have a mini bottle that I got in a mini-set, and those bottles are a bitch for me to hold for pictures (and I have small hands and fingers!). I actually have quite a few mini bottles, and it just works out better for me to hold a full-size bottle for pics, so I'll probably just do that from now on :-) My hands have to do like gymnastics with the little bottles, doing all sorts of weird bends and twists in order for me to get one decent picture. Ugh!


Velvet said...

Okay...That's just a drop dead gorgeous red! Wow! I mean seriously,I'm a big fan of red polish. But not every red does a, "wow" number on me. And this did!

Lucy said...

This is a really lovely polish. I don't have this one. I love red polish and I don't wear it enough.