Friday, October 09, 2009

China Glaze Mink Frost

This is the first "older" China Glaze I've ever tried, and I must say.... B3F be damned, I love this color!

China Glaze Mink Frost
(indoors, with flash)

I think the name "Mink Frost" is perfect for this color -- it has a tad bit of frost/shimmer to it, and "mink" is the perfect word to describe the color. It is kind of like a pinkish brown. It applied very well -- I think I am wearing two coats here. The first coat was kind of sheer, but by coat #2, it was opaque. Damn, I need more colors like this -- shimmery, frosty, duochrome, pink/brown!!!

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Lucy said...

I have a few "oldies" by China Glaze. This is really a lovely shade. I have to look for this. Very pretty on you.