Friday, August 21, 2009

DO WANT: Coach Poppy Red Sequin Spotlight

I first saw the promotional pictures for the Coach Poppy line back in January or something like that. When I saw the bag that was featured, I nearly shit myself -- it was gorgeous!! Fast forward to today, and I find out that it is called the Red Sequin Spotlight (also comes in black sequins and silver sequins). Check this baby out:

Umm... can you say love at first sight?? I normally don't like hugely flashy bags -- I tend to be a little more conservative with my handbags. But, there is something about this bag that just screams "BUY ME!" First of all, it is red, one of my favorite colors! Also, it is blingy and just flashy enough without being overly gaudy. It is also the perfect size -- large enough to fit everything I need, but not so big that it overwhelms my small frame. It also has a ton of pockets and compartments, which is *perfect* for a packrat like myself. I WANT!!

When the Poppy line first came out a few months ago, I was heartbroken to find out this bag was not part of the initial collection. Well, technically it was, but only the silver, and I am dying for the red. I just found out recently that red is being released in late September!! This baby will be mine soon enough... oh yes, it will!! For anyone else drooling over this bag, the Sequin Spotlight retails for $398 and will be available in stores and online at

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