Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoya Colette

I was really impressed by this Zoya color - I don't have anything else in my collection like it, and it is not your typical, Zoya shade (I tend to think they are known more for their reds and pinks).

Zoya Colette

The application was rather good -- it only took two coats to be completely opaque. This is a shimmery ginger color that has a hint of brown in it as well. It is one of those polishes that are more beautiful on your finger than in the bottle. I also love the golden shimmer in this polish -- it is more noticeable in sunlight or bright light. A little hard to make out in my pictures, but trust me, it's there! :-)


gildedangel said...

What a neat color; I think that I need a ginger in my collection.

Lucy said...

Very pretty gingery color. I'll have to get this one.