Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Essie Midnight Cami

I wore this polish for a specific reason - my boyfriend and I were going to the Patriots vs. Jets game, and I wanted my polish to match my jersey, so I needed a nice shade of navy. I looked through my collection and settled on this beauty!

Essie Midnight Cami

(outdoors, direct sunlight)

I apologize for the sloppy application. Generally, I don't do well with mini bottles, and for some reason, this polish happened to be sheer and goopy at the same time, so that wasn't helpful either! But, I have no complaints about the shade. It is a gorgeous navy shimmer -- but, not so dark that it looks black. It is so discernably navy blue, and of course, it matched my Patriots jersey *perfectly* :-) Oh, and the Patriots went on to kick some major Jets ass! This game was a few weeks ago, and since then, they haven't looked so hot, so I am hoping they kick it up a notch for their last few games and sail into the playoffs. Well, a girl can hope, right? ;-)


gildedangel said...

I need to pick up this polish, it is gorgeous!

Darlene said...

I love this color! Very nice!