Thursday, December 10, 2009

OPI Berried In Gifts

Here's polish #2 from the OPI Tiny Tinsels mini set! Are you ready for a gorgeous sparkly red??

OPI Berried In Gifts

This isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill red. If you look closely enough, you see that it has a fuchsia sparkle/shimmer to it. The finish of it is almost metallic-like. I normally don't like the application from mini polishes because the damn bottles and brushes are so small, and the formula is usually on the too-thick or too-thin side, but this one was perfect -- it would please even Goldilocks ;-) I wish they made this one in a full-size version. I would definitely get a bottle as a back-up!

Oh, and yet again, I was just watching Jay Leno, and he just had Matt Damon on. I love Matt Damon for many many reasons. One of the main ones is because he and I are from the same hometown -- Boston, MA. On top of all that, he is incredibly hot, wicked smaht (he got into Harvard, yo!), a family man (no Tiger Woods-type "transgressions" here, folks), and just an all-around good guy. When I was a teenager, one of my best friends worked in a toy store at a local mall. One day, right around Christmas time, Matt Damon came in (this was like 14 years ago, so he was only semi-famous) and bought a TON of toys. When my friend asked him what he was going to do with all these toys, he said he was donating them to a local children's hospital for all the sick kids who had to spend Christmas there. Seriously, that story still melts my heart to this day. Anyway, back to watching the rest of Leno....

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gildedangel said...

That is a neat red, I love how it isn't your average shimmery red!