Monday, August 24, 2009

Zoya Shivon

After like what seemed like an *eternity* I got my Zoya nail polishes from the Zoya 5000 promotion. Zoya ran a Twitter promotion where, if they reached 5000 followers by a certain date, they would give away free nail polish. It turned out their offer was more than generous, as they decided to give everyone THREE free nail polishes! I actually ended up picking up four (I paid for one of them), and the first one that I swatched was Shivon.

Zoya Shivon
(indoors, with flash)

(outdoors, natural light)

I seriously love love love this color. As soon as I took the bottles out of the box, I knew this one would be my favorite. It is a mauvey-pink color with gold shimmer. I am wearing two coats, and application was very good. This was my first experience with Zoya, and I have to say, the only complaint I have is wear. As you can kinda see in the pics, there is some "pullback" on the polish when I applied my topcoat. My topcoat isn't even dry yet on my pics, and you can see the polish on my tips already start to retract. I hope all Zoyas aren't like this! I have three more to try!

But, I do have to say that they have a gorgeous range of colors, and at $6/bottle, I don't feel terribly guilty about purchasing them (though their price will go up to $7/bottle starting in October). If you want to follow Zoya on Twitter, click here. To order from Zoya, check out their website.

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