Thursday, August 20, 2009

China Glaze Skate Night

Here's my fourth (I think?) color from China Glaze's Retro Diva Collection:

China Glaze Skate Night
(indoors, with flash)

(outdoors, natural light)

(China Glaze Short & Sassy - for comparison)

I also threw a picture of Short & Sassy (from the same collection) up there for comparison. When I first put on Skate Night, I thought it was a close dupe, but now that I see the two colors, it really isn't. Skate Night is a little more purple, and Short & Sassy is a tad more red. This color went on very nicely -- opaque in two coats, and application was fairly easy.

The heat has finally quelled here. I have been living in my living room since Monday, so I am glad I'll be able to return to my bedroom tonight. It is insufferably hot up there, even when the A/C is on, so I have been camping out downstairs, which has been nice and cool. After all, if you don't "live" in the "living" room, then what is the point of having one? :-) Also, the nicer TV is downstairs in the living room :-D

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