Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lippmann Collection Shut Up and Drive

This is the first polish from the Lippmann Collection that I've tried, and I am already in love! When I first saw the name of this polish, I couldn't get Rihanna's song out of my head. But, after I tried it on, the only thing I could think about was how this polish is absolutely gorgeous and has already made it onto my list of Top 10 favorites!

Lippmann Collection Shut Up and Drive
(indoors, with flash)

(outdoors, direct sunlight)

The formula was great -- just a tad sheer, so I am wearing three coats here. You can still see a little visible nail line, but I really didn't feel like applying any more coats. The polish is a princess-y pink jelly polish that is packed with glitter and has a "wet" look to it at all times. The whole time I wore it, I couldn't stop staring at my hands and saying, "Wow, that is so pretty!" I have a feeling this color will be making future appearances on my nails!

I got my Lippmann Collection polishes at Nordstrom, where they retail for $15. There are also special sets of three polishes that you can buy for $35, so that makes your per-bottle cost a little cheaper. You can also buy them off the Lippman Collection website at I've also heard from people that her stuff is available at select Bath & Body Works stores, but I checked a few near me, and no luck :-(

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kelliegonzo said...

love this lippmann! great nails!