Sunday, August 23, 2009

MAC Mercenary

I am very happy to report that my second experience with MAC nail polish went a helluva lot better than my first!!

MAC Mercenary
(indoors, with flash)

Mercenary is a difficult color to describe -- when I first put it on, I thought it was a shade of brown, then I thought maybe copper, but now I am definitely leaning toward a burnished gold with lots of multicolor sparkle to it. Application was great -- I'm wearing two coats in the picture. I only have indoor pics, but if you go in the sunlight, this baby really sparkles!! Lovesit!!!

MAC's new nail polish collection comes out this coming week on August 27th, and they've got some really gorgeous fall colors in there. Since this is also my birthday week, I think I'll be stopping by to pick some up as a gift to moi :-D

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