Tuesday, August 25, 2009

China Glaze Far Out

Happy Birthday to uhhhh.... ME! Milestone birthday for me today, and while I'm not too happy about being older, I'm glad I was able to spend it with people I love, and am thankful for all the wonderful birthday wishes I've received! Here's my birthday mani:

China Glaze Far Out
(indoors, with flash)

I didn't go with a crazy color for my birthday. I actually love neutral colors, and brown is one of my favorite polish shades, so I tried out this beauty from the Retro Diva Collection (yay, almost halfway done with the collection!). Far Out is probably my favorite color from the collection, and it is totally different from all the other shades. It is a peachy brown shimmery color. It went on beautifully and was fully opaque in two coats. I love the subtle shimmer, and though the color isn't very vibrant, I think it's beautiful :-)

Thank you again to everyone for the phone calls, texts, gifts, facebook and twitter messages, cards, etc. etc. I feel truly blessed and incredibly loved. That's the best gift of all! :-D

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