Monday, June 07, 2010

OPI What's With the Cattitude?

This is the first polish I'm trying out from OPI's recently-released Shrek Collection. Now, I must say that the Shrek franchise is one of all-time favorite movies. I love anything animated, and Shrek just takes the cake. I love it!!

OPI What's With the Cattitude?

I assume this polish is named after Puss in Boots. It is a very pretty light blue (kind of reminds me of a Tiffany box). The formula was incredibly thick and streaky on application. You would think that thick polish would mean opacity, but it doesn't. I'm wearing two coats here, and you can see that I have some balding on a few of my fingers. A coat of Seche Vite helped smooth out the streakiness a little, but it didn't make a huge improvement. I think this polish would be great for layering or Konading (which is what I eventually did with it), but by itself, I'm not all too thrilled. I'm hoping the rest of the collection is better, but from what I've read, it sounds like the formula is thick for this entire collection. Oh, boo :-(


Tiana said...

Ow, too bad the formula isn't soo good... But I still LOVE the colour! Looks great on your nails. <3

Kitty said...

Sad about the streaking, its a lovely color. But I'll buy it for the name! (That's bad, I know...*sigh*)

just_snew said...

I am wearing that with a coat of sally hansens south sea pearl( I is downstairs) and it looks gorgeous over top. gives it this pretty blue green sheen over the light blue:)