Saturday, June 12, 2010

China Glaze Dusk

Here's an older China Glaze for y'all... I know the older ones aren't B3F, but I love them anyway! They're so easy to apply and the colors are always gorgeous!

China Glaze Dusk

I looove the color of this one -- it is like a dark, murky eggplant color, and I swear that if I move my hands, I see a pink/light purple sheen. The brush was very thin, so application wasn't easy, but the formula was good, so it only required two coats (though I think I might be wearing three). Why can't China Glaze make more colors like this one?? :-)


Jo said...

I didn't know older China Glaze bottles look like this! I love the colour, and I can see the sheen that you're talking about :)

Meeka said...

Ha I've never seen an older ChG, funny :P That color is very, very much my style. I wonder if there's a dupe out there somewhere... hmm.