Monday, June 28, 2010

Milani 3D Digital

Hey everyone! I apologize for not having blogged for so long, but I desperately needed the short break :-) Now, it's back to business as usual!

Milani 3D Digital

Milani came out with a line of six holographic polishes a few months ago. I spotted them in my CVS and ended up picking up three of them. They remind me a lot of China Glaze's Kaleidescope Collection. The formula on this one was OK, and required three coats. It has lots of holo shimmer to it, and the wear was pretty decent as well. It is most definitely pink, but sometimes when I look at it, I feel like it leans a little toward light purple as well. Either way, super fabulous color!


StardustStephanie said...

Gorgeous holo. I don't know why I haven't bought this one yet!

Jackie S. said...

I've been circling *like a shark* the green and purple from this same collection. I'm gonna have to get of my butt and get them..beautiful1

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