Friday, July 09, 2010

My Favorite Things: GLEE

Any other Gleeks out there?? I have to admit that I caught onto this show late -- I didn't watch from the very beginning, though now I am hoping to be able to catch up before the new season starts. I probably started watching about halfway through the most recent season.

Glee is a show about a midwestern school's band of misfits who all sing in their high school's glee club. The club itself is comprised of a cross-section of all walks of high school life -- you have your super-popular cheerleaders, your jock, the wheelchair-bound nerd, the goth girl, the annoying-yet-talented girl, etc. The one thing that brings them all together is their love of glee club and their AMAZING talent.

I must say that the musical numbers are what really won me over. Finding actors/actresses who can both act and sing is rare, and Glee has managed to do that. I am completely riveted by all the performances! I am hoping to get a DVD of the first season soon so that I can catch up on all the episodes I've missed. I must say, when I was in high school (granted, it was half a lifetime ago, but whatever), I don't remember going through half the things that any of these kids went through, but this is a TV show and not reality, so that's OK ;-)

The reason I thought about this is because the nominations for the Primetime Emmys came out the other day, and Glee garnered 19 nominations! All of them are well-deserved, also! Another new show that I really enjoy that also got a lot of nods is Modern Family. Both are great shows, and if you haven't seen either, check your local listings for when they're on and catch an episode or two :-)