Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coach Rose Sandal

When gladiator-style sandals first came out a few years ago, I hated them. Hated, hated, hated! Like, with a deep-seeded passion. However, since then, I've come around since then and have found a few pairs that I like. Granted, these aren't "true" gladiator-style sandals, but in the summer time, I wear mostly flip flops and open-toed wedges and heels, so to me, these are really outside my comfort zone.

These are the Rose sandal from Coach. I think what ultimately won me over was... well, the roses. The sandal has black roses and silver metallic leather straps. They are pretty low to the ground, and do not have a platform or a lot of padding on the inside, so that took a little getting used to. Every time I walked, I felt like I was barefoot! But, walking aside, these sandals are great!! The bottoms are rubber (unlike the other two pairs of gladiators I have, which have smooth bottoms), so they grip well to the sidewalk. The roses also have little studs in them, which help jazz them up. I also like that they are black AND silver, so I can wear them with either color outfit!

These also come in an all-silver version as well (not a dark silver like this, but a white silver color). I got these because I don't trust myself with light-colored shoes -- they always end up getting incredibly dirty! These sandals originally retailed for $158, but have since been marked down and are now available for only $79!!! They are available to order in both colors and a variety of colors on the Coach website. They run a little big, so you can probably size down by a half-size.

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PerryPie said...

I love those! Wish this had a version with a heel.