Monday, April 19, 2010

OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow + Konad m36

Almost there!!! I'm at 90 followers -- only 10 more before my first giveaway! Woo hoo!!

I am going to cheat on my Designer Series posts today to show you a recent Konadicure.

OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

This polish is from OPI's recent Spain Collection. It is a dark green/almost black color. It was surprisingly sheer for a dark color. I am wearing three coats here, and my top coat caused a little bit of pulling on the tips unfortunately. I wasn't completely wowed by this color, so rather than remove it, I decided to jazz it up a bit by adding some Konad and voila!

I stamped with Konad plate m36 using China Glaze's Robotika (from the Khrome collection and already featured as a NOTD). I love how Robotika looks when used as a stamping polish. It's gorgeous! I have been getting into Konad more and more lately. My stamping SUCKED at first, but I've since gotten a lot better and have been experimenting with different plates and polish colors. I order all my Konad supplies from either eBay or OC Nail Art. Kathleen from OC Nail Art is wonderful! I love her! If you use the discount code "scrangie" you get 30% off your order of $20+. Also, she offers free shipping on those orders, so you really save $$$!


susies1955 said...

Love it! :)
How is the China Glaze to Konad with? I tried using one the other day and it seemed so shear and dull. It was from that same collection.

Starlight said...

I love the butterflies!

'chelle said...
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'chelle said...

oops my previous post stuffed up! Just stumbled across your blog and I love your swatches! This konad is very pretty =)

Quick question, the scrangie code isn't working for me..?

susies1955 said...

The Konad company put a stop to all codes about a month ago. Bummer eh?

Celyn and Hazel said...

I LOVE THIS :) Butterflies are my favorite among all insects! :) You're so good at this and I love all your nail polishes! Wow! Where'd you get them all? :)

New follower :">