Monday, April 05, 2010

OPI Designer Series Limited

I sometimes think that OPI likes to mess with my head. What color is this? Orange? Peach? Pink? Brown? Who knows! But, whatever it is, I like it!

OPI Designer Series Limited

As I said in the opening paragraph, I have a hard time describing this color. When it was in the bottle, I thought it looked peach to me. But, then I put it on and noticed a little bit of brown or maybe pink in there. I honestly have no clue! But, it is a beautiful color and application was great as well. I'm wearing three coats here, but probably could have gotten away with only two.

I really hope OPI releases more Designer Series polishes soon. Honestly, I think I might go a little stir crazy after I've finished posting all the DSes I own. Whatever will I do without more DS polishes in my stash? Oh noes!!!!!

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Starlight said...

I love the DS colors from OPI. I wish they would re-release some of the ones that have been discontinued,like DS Shimmer. I love the holos in this collection.That one you're wearing is gorgeous!