Tuesday, March 30, 2010

L.A.M.B. Tammy Heels

I do apologize for the lack of posts - things have been really busy and I've been away from home for a while, so I haven't had a lot of time to swatch, take pics, post, etc. I don't have a Designer Series post today -- hopefully those will resume tomorrow or later on tonight! I will schedule a few posts to go up, so it won't be so long between posts for me!

I recently got these:

They are the Tammy heels from L.A.M.B. (Love, Angel, Music, Baby - it's Gwen Stefani's clothing line). I saw them at Nordstrom Rack a while ago (must be at least 4-5 months) and they had one pair, and it happened to be my size. But, at a price tag of $200, it was a little over my shoe budget (and that $200 was down from the original price of $369). So, you can imagine how giddy I was when I saw them marked down the last time I was there. They were sitting on the clearance shelf with all the other lonely shoes and I ended up paying... drumroll please... $65!!! For a pair of $369 shoes!!

I love anything that is strappy and I love heels, so these are perfect for me! The heel height is almost 5 inches, so it's a little higher than I'm normally used to (I can walk in up to 4 inch heels comfortably), but I am slowly getting used to it by walking around my house in them to break them in. I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer so that I can break these babies out!!! I'm so excited! I guess it goes to show you that patience is a virtue, but it really pays off!!! :-)

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