Wednesday, September 02, 2009

OPI Sahara Sapphire

I apologize in advance for the crappy application job. It is totally my bad. I messed up my middle finger badly as I was putting on my top coat. So, I decided to wipe it all off and start over. That turned out to be a horrible idea, because I didn't get all the tissue/cotton bits off my finger and the nail polish I layered on over it caused the unsightly bumps and bubbling on my middle finger :-( Oh wells... well, at least the color is pretty :-)

OPI Sahara Sapphire
(indoors, with flash)

(outdoors, natural light)

I got the re-released version from the Colorcopia collection. I am wearing two coats here. This color is super pretty and very difficult to describe. Sometimes, it looks gray... other times, blue.... and other times, I swear it is a lavender color. It has a gorgeous frosty finish, so when you apply it, you gotta make your strokes quick and thin so that the color layers correctly. I am showing my left hand for the outdoor picture so that you don't have to see the nasty bubbling on my finger lol. I will most definitely be using this color again in the future -- and will hopefully have a less flawed application the second time around!

Ugh, and I am now into my fourth day of a horrible migraine. I've had it since Sunday and no matter what I do, I just can't shake it. I have been taking as much OTC medicine as possible, and that is the only thing keeping me functional. Hopefully, it goes away tomorrow so that I can enjoy my weekend!!

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