Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China Glaze Paper Chasing + My First Konad!

Hi All! Sorry for the long break -- I've been super busy again! Today, I'm excited to show off my first Konad! Konad is nail stamp art, and though I picked up a starter kit months ago, I did not get around to using it until recently. Ch- ch- check it out!

China Glaze Paper Chasing
(outdoors, direct sunlight)

Paper Chasing is from this year's Kicks collection. It is somewhat sheer, so I believe I used three coats here. The formula is a tad runny. Since the color is so bright, I decided it was a great base for Konading! I used Konad's special white polish and I believe this is plate M2 (or M3 -- those are the only two I have). As you can see, my Konad skills need to be perfected still. After I stamped the flowers on, I started putting on my top coat, but didn't realize that the white polish was still a little wet, which is why some of the flowers look streaky. Also, I ended up smudging some of my nails, because I was stamping and trying to fix my nails before the green polish actually dried. However, I think I made a valiant first attempt, and hopefully my future Konad manis will look a lot better!


Hygea said...

hi, congratulation for your first konad ^^

DarlinAnna said...

Thank you!! Maybe mine will look as good as yours one day! :-)