Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Favorite Things: Crocs Prima

Before anyone kills me, I need to preface this entry by saying that I used to think Crocs were the most hideous things on the face of the Earth and I would have been caught dead in a pair. Since then though, I've actually had a chance to wear them and I *really* like them.

It all started innocently enough -- every child I know owns a pair. Literally, I don't think I know any kids, whether they be a toddler or a preschooler, who does not own a pair of Crocs. You know which ones I'm talking about -- the clog/mule-shaped ones with the holes in the front and the slingback. I still think those are somewhat ugly, but for my fellow Croc-haters out there, have you ever tried a pair on?? After I did, I started to like them. I have really high arches on my feet, and Crocs are so incredibly comfortable and lightweight. After I slipped into a pair, I feel in love.

Of course, after I realized that I wanted to own some, I read that the company was in financial trouble and might have to fold soon. Grrrrrreat! So, my quest for colorful and comfy Crocs just hit a little speedbump. No biggie.

I decided not to start off with the ugly-looking Crocs and decided to get the Primas instead. The Prima is a ballet flat and is actually kinda cute!

I came across a pair in my size at my Nordie's Rack, and they were only $15, so I picked them up. I wore them all weekend and absolutely LOVED them. I decided I needed more. So, I found a website, that had them in a bunch of colors and sizes. The ones I got at Nordie's were light pink, so I also ordered a black pair and also a red pair. is amazing -- the Primas were between $19.95 and $24.95 and they had free overnight shipping. Yep, you read that right -- FREE overnight shipping. I ordered my shoes at around 4pm on Monday and they were at my doorstep at 1pm on Tuesday. Is that amazing service or what?? I don't think I can recommend nearly enough.

Anyway, now that I have three pairs of Croc Primas to whet my appetite (I am wearing my black ones today), I am going to try and look for some colorful Caymans (that's the name of the traditional Croc style that most people are used to seeing). I am debating what color to get next -- I am kinda diggin' on the green, but there are a million colors, so I will most likely change my mind (or just buy multiple pairs... haha). Another Croc convert here!! Wow, there are four words I never thought I'd say.

Oh, and for sizing reference, I believe Crocs only come in whole sizes. If you are in between sizes, you can most likely size DOWN. Happy shopping!

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