Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello and Welcome!!

Hi All! I'm Anna and welcome to my new (well, sorta new) 'blog. I will be using this space to talk about some of my favorite things in the world -- more specifically, anything fashion and beauty-related. There are a few things that I am mildly obsessed with -- designer denim, handbags, shoes, make-up, and nail polish. This 'blog is dedicated to the "girly" side of me. I am totally open to suggestions and welcome your comments, so please feel free :-)

I will start my inaugural 'blog post with a NOTD (Nails of the Day) pic! I like these -- they are fun for me to do :-) You can click on the images to see the full-sized version.

This is OPI Designer Series Passion:

This one is so pretty, it deserves another picture! Here it is with *some* sunlight (about as much as you will get in New England in June):

OPI's Designer Series is quite possibly my favorite nail polish of all time. Passion is a medium pink color that can sometimes look like mauve or lavendar. Super pretty! I am a sucker for glittery nail polishes, and OPI has got glitter nail polishes down to an exact science. All of them apply extremely well, you get great coverage in two coats, and just look at that shimmer! Totally loves :-)

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Katie said...

Very pretty color, love the DS!